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We Offer the Best Yard Waste Cleanup in Norfolk, VA

Our yard serves as an extension of our home. We do all sorts of outdoor activities from playing with the kids, lounging and chilling, barbecue parties, and other outdoor get-togethers. Aside from enjoying the fresh air and enjoying the summer vibe, holding outdoor activities keeps your home interior free from dirt which saves you from cleaning.

But, as much as we want to keep our yard well-maintained, our busy schedule often hinders us from cleaning our yards. Piles of raked leaves, fallen branches, and twigs, wastes from trimming and pruning, and other debris can be too much to dispose of. For smaller properties, composting and disposing of organic debris through an organic waste recycling bin provided by your local waste management company could be an effective option. However, for large yards, hiring hauling pros is the best option to get rid of those disgusting-looking hoards of yard debris.

Yard Waste Cleanup

Keeping your yard well-maintained and magnificently landscape designed goes beyond regularly mowing your lawn, raking the fallen leaves, or picking up the twigs and branches. It also involves the proper disposal of accumulated yard waste.

You wouldn’t want that pile of decaying yard waste to spoil the quality of your landscape design, degrade the architectural design of your house, or ruin the fresh and chill mood you want to enjoy while lounging on your backyard hammock. Aside from being an eyesore, yard waste also serves as a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and pests. Mold and other allergens tend to accumulate in decaying wood too making people living in the property susceptible to allergy attacks. There’s a long list of cons on hoarding and leaving piles of waste sitting in your yard aside from being a health hazard.

It’s time to dispose of it properly by hiring the best professional yard waste cleanup services in the Norfolk area. We provide a personally tailored approach, case-based service quotation, and immediate service. We start the job by conducting an on-site assessment to evaluate the task at hand while putting consideration to the bulkiness, the type of waste, type of truck and size necessary, estimate on the amount of time needed to finish the job, the workforce needed to deliver the task, and the expenses needed to fulfill the job.

We offer both immediate and scheduled yard waste pick-up. For immediate yard waste pick-up, we dispatch our professional junk haulers to conduct an assessment, quotation and perform junk pick-up once both parties agreed on the cost-effective rate and service inclusions. However, for scheduled pick-up, we conduct early evaluation, send in our quotation and schedule the waste pick-up at your most convenient time.

What Yard Waste do we Pick-up?

Our services are not limited, and we try to keep our clients highly satisfied by being flexible and accommodating to your needs. Our yard waste pick-up is not exclusive to debris, twigs, branches, pine needles, rotten leaves, and mowed grass. It may include the following wastes:

Landscaping Debris

  • Branches
  • Trimmings and Clippings
  • Logs & Stumps
  • Excess Soil
  • Sods
  • Old fence
  • Firewood
  • Old plants
  • Gnomes

Shed Demolition Waste

  • Lumber
  • Iron sheets
  • Plastics
  • Sheetrock or Plasterboard
  • Door and window frames
  • Broken windows
  • Knobs
  • Old timber
  • Shingles
  • Corrugated iron
  • Other discarded building materials

Damaged Tools

  • Lawnmower
  • Shovels
  • Gas-powered yard cleaning tools

Other Heavy Wastes

  • Old concrete
  • Rubbles