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Construction Debris Removal: Keep Your Construction Site Efficient | Norfolk’s Best Junk & Waste Removal
October 16, 2022

Construction Debris Removal in Norfolk, VA

Construction debris is defined as junk resulting from construction, renovation, and demolition activities. Construction waste includes a wide variety of materials, such as drywall, concrete, bricks, metals, scrap wood and glass. These can quickly pile up on site and become a safety hazard for workers. These debris also decrease the job productivity of workers by making the space limited. To address this, many construction companies rely on professional junk removal services that usually employs trained college hunks to do the heavy lifting.

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Things to You Should Avoid when Dealing with Junk | Norfolk Junk Removal Pros
March 31, 2022

Things to You Should Avoid when Dealing with Junk

When it comes to junk, there are some necessary tools that you should have on hand before you start the removal process. First and foremost, you will need a sturdy garbage bag or bin to put the junk in. It’s also helpful to have a broom and dustpan to clean up any messes that may be made during the removal service. If you’re dealing with large items, you will need a dolly or moving cart to help transport the items.

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