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Construction Debris Removal: Keep Your Construction Site Efficient | Norfolk’s Best Junk & Waste Removal
October 16, 2022

Construction Debris Removal in Norfolk, VA

Construction debris is defined as junk resulting from construction, renovation, and demolition activities. Construction waste includes a wide variety of materials, such as drywall, concrete, bricks, metals, scrap wood and glass. These can quickly pile up on site and become a safety hazard for workers. These debris also decrease the job productivity of workers by making the space limited. To address this, many construction companies rely on professional junk removal services that usually employs trained college hunks to do the heavy lifting.

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Why You Need to Hire a Construction Debris Removal Company | Norfolk’s Best Junk & Waste Removal
March 18, 2022

Why You Need to Hire a Construction Debris Removal Company

Homeowners invest a lot of money into building their dream homes. Most often than not, homeowners who bought existing homes will often have several construction and renovation projects to bring their homes up to their standards. These projects can include roof replacement, kitchen remodeling, a wall demolition job, and even backyard landscaping around the house. While these projects are being completed, homeowners are often left with a lot of construction debris, yard waste, and other debris.

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