Electronic Waste Disposal

The rapid leap in technological advancement has enabled everyone to afford and acquire electronic gadgets and pieces of equipment that make our lives comfortable and improve our quality of living. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone whether Android or IOS and every household own various electronic appliances. Economically wise, that’s a huge improvement which means that we are headed towards a technologically advanced civilization.

However, in the issue of environmental preservation, this rapid leap in modernization can affect our ecological balance. Production and manufacturing are directly related to disposal because these electronics will wear out at some point and it is inevitable. We should regulate and implement safe electronic waste disposal the same way we support progressive technological advancement.

Electronic waste or E-waste is hazardous to human, animal, and plant health. It also contains toxic chemicals that can contaminate the soil, water, and air if not handled properly. Phone batteries for instance. Aside from being flammable, it also contains harmful chemicals, thus dumping it in landfills is not recommended. Don’t be an irresponsible electronic user. Dispose your e-waste properly us where safe, legal, and eco-friendly waste elimination is our expertise?

What is E-Waste Disposal?

Ever faced the dilemma of how to dispose of your non-functional printer, computer set, mobile phones, photocopier, shredder, and other home and office electronics? Sometimes, we prefer storing them in the stock room, attic, and basement just to get rid of it being an eyesore and plan on eliminating it when the need arises. Until such time that we accumulated several unuseful electronics stored up collecting dust somewhere in the house or at the office. Probably it’s the perfect time to let go of these wastes, free up space where it sits idly, and maximize the extra space for more productive purposes.

Let us handle your E-Waste Disposal concern and leave it at our expert junk removal team. We provide environmentally safe, legal, and efficient E-Waste Disposal services that you can depend on. We don’t just dump it, we find ways to recycle it, upcycle the parts, and safely dispose of the hazardous materials.

Be part of our eco-friendly campaign against improper waste disposal by supporting our proactive approach to safe E-Waste elimination. We are connected to different recycling facilities where we bring your damaged E-Waste to be salvaged and recycled. Electronics that are still in a functional state and good shape are sent to charities as donations where they’ll serve their purpose.

What E-Waste do we accept?

We accept all types of E-Waste including, but not limited to:

  • Computers and Monitors
  • Photocopier, Scanners, and Printers
  • Shredder
  • Television, Sound System, Amplifiers

Need E-Waste disposal assistance from the pros? Reach us through our online chat system or call us at our hotline number, and we’ll arrange a waste assessment and pick-up schedule depending on your availability. Need rush pick-up? Let us know your concern, and we’ll try to arrange an emergency E-Waste pick-up because we listen to your needs and respond to your request effectively and immediately.